Each talk is 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions

Morning, Building NO - 5th Floor - Salle Solvay

09h15 > 10h00 Registration and welcome coffee
10h00 > 10h05 Welcome and announcements Bernard Knaepen
10h05 > 10h20 Info on the IUAP evaluation process Rony Keppens
10h20 > 10h45 A new unexpected direction in micro-macro coupling Giovanni Lapenta
10h45 > 11h10 Numerical and Observational Study of Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections Elke D'Huys
11h10 > 11h35 Interplay between proton and electron firehose instabilities in the solar wind Yana Maneva
11h35 > 12h00 Flare observations with PROBA2/LYRA Marie Dominique
12h00 > 13h45 Lunch

Afternoon, Building NO - 5th Floor - Salle Solvay

13h45 > 14h10 Far-infrared and dust properties of present-day galaxies in the EAGLE simulations Peter Camps
14h10 > 14h35 Dust - Gas dissociation in observation of molecular clouds RĂ©mi Monceau-Baroux
14h35 > 15h00 Insights from realistic simulated dwarf galaxies Robbert Verbeke
15h00 > 15h25 Kinetic models from the solar wind to the inner magnetosphere Viviane Pierrard
15h25 > 15h50 Outer radiation belt electrons during a geomagnetic storm Kris Borremans
15h50 > 16h15 The effects of the storm events in 2015 on the radiation belts observed by EPT/PROBA-V Graciela Lopez Rosson