Order of material

Please note that the secretariat is ready to help you with your orders but experience has demonstrated that a direct contact between you and the vendor is by far more efficient.

Most of the orders placed by our department concern material covered by special agreements between the ULB administration and privileged providers (computer and hardware, copier, fax, furniture, consumables). Please refer to the web page of the central d'achats http://www.ulb.ac.be/dep/financier/cda/index.html (in French only - ask for help if necessary) for the list of official providers.

Once you have made your choice on the material and provider, you first have to get the approval of your supervisor. Then, you should ask for an official offer (e-mail is OK) from the vendor and give it to the secretariat who wil place the order.


Please ask the vendor to clearly label the offer and the invoice to:

Physique Théorique et Mathématique or Physique des Systèmes Dynamiques (depending on your affiliation)
Bld du Triomphe CP 231
Accès 2, building NO, 6th floor, room 2 O6 108-208
B-1050 Brussels Belgium

The invoice must ABSOLUTELY show the ULB VAT Nr : BE 0407 626 464 (without this information no payment can be done).

Direct purchases of material

The University has special agreements with some suppliers, like COTUBEX, MACLINE, etc. Please ask a bon blanc to the Secretariat, which will enable you to pick up the material without having to advance the money.

Please, always obtain the prior approval of your promoter.

Small office furniture

IMPORTANT : please don't forget, before leaving the department, to return to the secretariat small office supplies such as stapler, hole puncher, scissors.

Each time we announce the placement of a global order, please reply no later than the deadline indicated, otherwise your order will be treated only when the next order is being placed. You can find a catalogue of the official ULB supplier in Marie-France's office.

If you use an individual printer (not the printer of 6th floor), please send us by email the reference as well as all cartridge references. In case you replace your printer, please let us know and give us the new references so that we can keep our database up to date.