A CHARMing day at ULB

May 2nd, 2016,

ULB, Brussels, Belgium


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A one-day CHARM meeting will be hosted by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.) on May 2nd, 2016.

CHARM is project P7/08 in the phase VII IAP programme (Oct. 2012-Sep. 2017) organised by BELSPO, the BELgian federal Science Policy Office, in which five Belgian research teams and two international partners work together to investigate Contemporary physical challenges in Heliospheric and AstRophyscial Models (or CHARM).

The origin of this network comes from recognition of each team's weakness and finding colleague teams to fill the gaps. This way, common grounds across the disciplines have been identified, varying from solar, magnetospheric and heliospheric, to galactic or cosmologically driven curiosities.

This project intentionally cuts across traditional disciplines, and joins experts from different backgrounds with concrete guidelines:

  • how to couple existing tools (software and numerical solvers) and models (PDE models/particle treatments/radiative effects) towards more realistic multi-physics descriptions;
  • how to confront model predictions with measurements and how to embed and translate model capabilities in current and future instrument specifications; and
  • physics driven aspects in global and local, gas to plasma dynamical scenarios with a key role for turbulent fluctuations.

CHARM Belgian partners:
KU Leuven - Centre for mathematical Plasma Astrophysics
UGent - Astronomical Observatory
ULB - Statistical and Plasma Physics group
ROB - Solar Physics and Space Weather directorate
BISA - Solar Wind Unit

International partners:
University of Leiden - CAstLe research group
Durham University - Institute for Computational Cosmology

You are invited to register and send in an title of your talk. The scheduled program will be updated around mi-April.